Industrial Windows for Homes

In recent times, you may have noticed a trend that leans on industrial tones and refurnishing of forgotten building. Loft or warehouse conversions are quite “in” with the times, with mezzanines being built, cement fishiness being stripped to reveal the brickwork and exposed metal beams quite popular. Following this trend, the look of industrial windows for homes are sought after by modern homeowners as they attempt to spruce up their home to maximize on letting natural light in. Let’s look at the history of how industrial windows for homes became a thing, and where the design inspiration came from.

Industrial design unifies modernity with old world charm, bringing contrast of dark and light to the mix. Often industrial windows for homes are used with double height ceilings, or loft style homes. Use of metal and glass is ideal for industrial windows for homes. Here are some great inspirations for your home.

Industrial Windows for Homes : Dining Room Drama
Industry Skylight Windows
Arched Framed Industrial Window for Homes
Industrial Windows for Homes: Sunroom Dreams
Framing Spaces with Industrial Windows for Homes
Dining Spaces Magnified with Industrial Windows for Homes
Corridors with Industrial Windows for Homes
Wine Rooms with Industrial Windows for Homes
Brining the Outdoors in with Industrial Windows for Homes
Rooms Separation with Industrial Windows
Dramatic Industrial Windows for Homes
Arched Industrial Windows
Triptych Industrial Windows for Home
Floor to Ceiling Industrial Windows
Industrial Windows for Bathrooms
Double Height Spaces and Use of Industrial Windows

Steps for a Turnkey Furnishing Project

Taking on a big task of interior designing a home or your new office can be daunting. There’s so much to think of. Where would the new lights go? What about the art? Do we need spotlight for said art? These are all interior design questions you may have. Why not choose a reputable interior design company such as RM Perera (Pvt) Ltd to take care of your turnkey furnishing projects. From interior design, to light design, to furniture and fittings, all these items will be included in the concept and design of your future turnkey furnishing project.

The choice of home furniture or office furniture, from concept to execution, a turnkey furnishing project will cover a number of items. The approach to the concept and design will need to be looked at.  The cost-effectiveness of each element included in the design and concept is also important to the turnkey furnishing project. To ensure that each element is fulfilled, our team of professionals will supervise the different elements of the turnkey furnishing project execution.

Turnkey Furnishing Project Steps

When it comes to taking the plunge and getting started with your turnkey furnishing project, we are here to guide you.

Step 1: Measurements and Pictures of the Space

The RM Perera team will visit to take proper measurements of the space as well as pictures to get a feel of the intended space meant for the turnkey furnishing project.

Step 2: Detailed Specifications

Once the measurements and speciation for the intended spaces are completed, the concept is visualized with different ideas

Step 3:  Layout Development

The layout of any room is vital. By  offering different options of layouts, the different arrangements of furniture and not to mention allocations are envisioned in different lights.

Step 4: Furniture Style

A mood board or inspiration board is put together at this point for design concept approval to proceed. Based on the arrangement of furniture and the layout, this is an important turnkey furnishing project milestone. The style, colour and mood will be reflected in the inspirations select and or the items being proposed. The finishing material is also important as well as the furniture and fittings too.

Step 5: 3D Concept

Once the style is selected, along with the arrangement and layout, the next step is the 3D conceptualization so you are able to see how it will look photo-realistically. This will allow you to see how your turnkey furnishing project will end up looking and act as a guideline for your material specifications.

Step 6: Prep for the Turnkey Furnishing Project

Once all the layouts, the 3D concept, and plans are approved, the technical documentation will proceed which will include specifications specific to furniture, décor, household appliances, windows & doors, plumbing, ceiling & wall lighting,  and more.Get in touch with us at for your turnkey furnishing project to get your interior project done.