Choosing Kitchen Cabinet Colours and Finishes

One of the key elements in deciding on a kitchen cabinet would be design, choice of wood and also aesthetically, the colour or final finish. Here are some tips for choosing kitchen cabinet colours and finishes.

They say that colour can affect moods, and it’s the same even in your kitchen. If your kitchen has more wall space than cabinetry, then opting for calming colours is best. Popular choices of wall colour for kitchens include white, ivory, yellow, gray, and even red, green or blue. However, wall paint colour aside, the kitchen cabinet will also play a part. If you love wood, you may want to let its grain show and use different shades of stain to make the colour pop. Here are some popular wood kitchen cabinet choices!

It may be overwhelming when you have so many kitchen cabinet choices for colour and finishes in front of you, but it is important to follow a system of elimination by knowing what you are not your preferences from the get-go. By doing this, you are looking at specific kitchen cabinet options that you consider viable options for the choice of wood, colour or wood finish.

Do not forget that your kitchen cabinets will be the focal point of your kitchen, and whilst wall paints are important (especially ensuring they do not clash with your kitchen cabinet, the kitchen cabinet will be the showrunner in the end.

Matching the wall paint to your choice of kitchen cabinet is important but another element plays a factor too, and that is choice of lighting.  You may opt for track lighting or hanging pendant lights. Based on what you want to draw attention to as usually focus will be drawn to where the light hits first. It is  also important to choose the colours  of the countertop  based on where you want the focus to be. If you choose to contract the kitchen cabinet colour and countertop, then your focus will be drawn upwards.

Once you have chosen your kitchen cabinet colour or wood finish, you should hold precedence to ensuring that the result is of quality build. Entrust your kitchen cabinet project to RM Perera (Pvt) Ltd for great workmanship and finish.

Wall Mirrors and Designs Inspirations to Make Over your Space

Ever since its invention in the mid-18th century by Justus von Liebig, German chemist, modern day mirrors have been the part of households since. Prior to that, people would use pools of water or the likes of polished bronze or obsidian to see their reflection. Mirrors used in households were mostly for personal grooming, starting from the small handheld mirrors to those that are full sized much like the popular cheval mirror. However, with modern times, the ways mirrors have grown with art, architecture and design choices of the homes itself. Let’s look at the different types of wall mirrors and designs over the years.

Antique Wall Mirrors

Many antique wall mirrors hold decorative and gilded frames, some featuring art such as those crated by Robert Adam.

Baroque Wall Mirrors

Georgian Wall Mirrors

Rococo Wall Mirrors

Venetian Wall Mirrors

Empire and Federal Style Wall Mirrors

Regency and Biedermeier-Style Wall Mirrors

Arch Wall Mirrors

Black and Gold Wall Mirrors

Oval Wall Mirrors

Floor Wall Mirrors

Get RM Perera to manufacture wall mirrors with beautiful frames and art for your home interiors based on these inspirations of wall mirrors.

The above design inspirations are courtesy of Pinterest, West Elm, Harman’s Oak Furniture, Exclusive Mirrors UK, Downtown Interiors UK, Art Fund Org, Maus Park Antiques