Statement Bathroom Mirror Designs that Sparks Conversations

When you complete your bathroom design, the final additions truly bring the aesthetic full circle. Make you mark in the bathroom with the help of statement bathroom mirror designs that will wow your guests! Here are some great ideas that we at RM Perera (Pvt) Ltd can help you with. Use these images as inspiration for your bathroom mirror designs and let us know how we can help you!

Ornate Bathroom Mirror Designs

Bold Bathroom Mirror Designs

Novelty Bathroom Mirror Designs

Items such as porthole mirror or barn-door mirror are great statement pieces that wil definitely spark conversation!

Modern Bathroom Mirror Designs

Integrated faucet bathroom mirror designs to are ideal as they are functional. What you need to watch out for is to ensure that the faucet and sink line up correctly.

Give us a shout with your requirement! All we need is a picture, the dimensions you need, the type of wood and stain/paint you will, and we will turnover a beautiful piece for your bathroom mirror!

How to Design a Bathroom That is Easy to Clean

One of the predicaments we all come across is cleaning, and how often and how well. What if you simply started off by figuring out how to design a bathroom that makes the job of cleaning easier? With a little forward thinking, you may be able to design a bathroom that has the aesthetics that you want but is also easy to clean! In this blog post, we look at ways in which you can combat certain elements by planning ahead.

Fight the Mould

One of the worst things that can happen in a bathroom is the development of mould. It’s mostly found when the bathroom is wet and has no ventilation. Its always best to prevent the mould from growing and how you do this is by adding ventilation & circulation, as well as a bit of sunlight into the mix. Ensure that your bathroom has a window with sunlight coming in, and add in for ventilation fan as well. Choose an inline fan model for your ventilation fan.  Including this when you design a bathroom can make a great change.

Tiling your Walls

By tiling your walls to a certain height, you can avoid time repainting painted walls that will need repainting. Opt for a tiled finish when you design a bathroom rather than the likes of a painted of wallpaper finish as washing off grime from tile is much easier than having to repaint or wallpaper. Particularly, in areas which may be touched or brushed against the most, possibly near the sink, next to towel hangers or the light switches.

Install Waste Traps

Ensuring that you have waste traps on your sinks, tub, shower area and  floor will help catch dirt that would end up going down the drain and clogging it; making it a hassle on a later day. Including this when you design a bathroom will save you later on.

Opt for Wall Hung Fixtures

If you are able to, opt for wall-hung toilet and sink fixture to allow accessibility on the floor when cleaning.

Opt for Easy Case Flooring

Keep features practical, especially when it comes to flooring. Opt out of textured porcelain tiles. Opt for terrazzo or polished tiles.

Free Surface Areas

Another rule of thumb is to avoid clutter and keep surface areas relatively free. Opt for storage spaces so that everything has its own space.

Hinged Shower Door

You may find that shower doors/panels get wet often thus cleaning is a constant to avoid limescale building/mould. Opt for a hinged door rather than one that is sliding or bifold to avoid spaces that water can get trapped in.