Exposed Beam Ceilings

There is something elegant about exposed beam ceilings and their different styles from the last century that has made a definite impact in how we design our homes. Architecturally there are various ways and styles in which exposed beam ceilings can come to life. In this blog, the RM Perera design team shares their favourite inspirations for exposed beam ceilings.

Whether the construction of the exposed beam ceilings are made of concrete, or wood, and if you are trying to create a faux effect with the help pf cheaper wood such as plywood, the fact of the matter is that it is still a very trendy interior design element to  feature exposed beam ceilings in home design.

Check out these great design inspirations for concreate and wooden exposed beam ceilings. Take these inspirations if you are considering exposed beam ceilings for your home design, and let it help in deciding whether it is for you! Exposed beam ceilings can be dramatic, rustic, and elegant based on the choice of materials, ceiling paint & beam stain colour for the beams against the ceiling will also play a role in your decision making too.

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Décor Inspirations with Living Coral – Pantone’s Colour of Year for 2019

Pantone has released their much awaited Colour of the Year for 2019 with the brightly hued Living Coral. Pantone has called this vibrant hue energizing and enlivening with a soft edge. Living Coral (PANTONE 16-1546) offers warmth and cosiness and when paired with the other hues, it will truly be something spectacular. Pantone has also offered some colour guides and pairings so that you can find décor inspirations for your various design needs when using Living Coral.

Be inspired by the colour harmonies Pantone has recommended such as with Sulphur Spring, Chive Blossom, Vivacious, Barrier Reef, Deep Lake, Ibiza Blue, and Pink Lemonade.

How will you design your projects with Living Coral?

Here are some décor inspirations to help you decide. We’ve started with our compilation of bedroom décor inspirations using living coral as the stepping stone.

Vibrant and colourful with white as the cooling factor, this bedroom is ideal for someone who doesn’t shy away from pizzazz.

An ideal choice for a beach chic and rustic style, this bedroom inspiration add a pop of vibrancy with Living Coral accents.

Understated by still quite evident, paint your bed frames with Living Coral for a great pop!

How about these living room decor inspirations for your lookbook?

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Adding Texture through Woodwork Design

When it comes to designing a room, you may work with colour, patterns and various styles of furniture to fit into the interior design aesthetic that you are after. But have you considered adding texture through woodwork design? You can tell a story with one piece of furniture or focal element that truly brings an entire room into fruition with ease.

When it comes to adding texture through woodwork design, there are a number canvases for you to choose from. It can be your floors, your walls, the furniture and even the ceiling. So we look at some great inspirations for you to draw from when you are considering adding textures through woodwork design into your home or office interior design.

Floor Woodwork Designs

Working with woodwork designs for floors is a great way to bring your attention to great detailing. If you are using wood flooring, adding a pattern will definitely bring a sense of style to your home (or even office).  Herringbone patterns of floor woodwork designs are great because based on the colouring of the wood; you can come up with some fantastic looks!

Wall Woodwork Designs

Wood panelling has been around since the 1960s, but we have come a long way since veneer wall panelling trends and Finnish sauna inspirations.

Ceiling Woodwork Designs

If you want bring dimension to your home, office or specific rooms, adding woodwork designs to your ceiling is a great way. It can be throughout or as focal areas. Take inspiration from the following ceiling woodwork designs to find the one that speaks to you.