Interior Design Measurements, Numbers, and Layouts

When it comes to deciding on the layouts for rooms, be it in an office or home, there are certain interior design measurements or numbers that must be taken into account so that not only will there be a certain sense of flow but also to ensure that it is practical.  We came across the illustrations by Arthur Mount and felt it would be a great way to get the point across on how interior design measurement’s numbers and layouts play a role in ensuring the cohesive flow of a room.

In this edition of RM Perera Interior Designer’s Blog, we look the heights and distances of varying interior design components, fittings and furnishings should be on average. We will look at bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and home office interior design measurements should be.

Home Office Interior Design Measurements

Kitchen Interior Design Measurements

Living Room Interior Design Measurements

Laundry Room Interior Design Measurements

Bathroom Interior Design Measurements



Different Types of Living Room Design Inspirations

If you are a home owner or renter, the aesthetic of your home is often reflected by what people see in one of the most common places that you or your guests will frequent; the living room. The way you design and decorate your living room space will say a lot about your overall vision for your home design and décor. Thus, today, in the RM Perera Blog, we look at the different types of living room design inspirations in the home that it will spark you to embark on a home design and décor journey that sits well with the vision in your head.

Modern Living Room Design

Clean lines with neutral colours coupled with geometric designs and the use of asymmetry epitomizes what modern style is all about. Often, modern living room design inspirations feature white walls with the use of neutral tone-on-tone colours, which essentially means the use of colours from the same colour palette in variants.

Contemporary Living Room Design

Contemporary design on the other hand, features softer lines with curved edges, and welcomes pops of bold colour coupled with stronger neutral elements.

Romantic Living Room Design

Romantic styles evoke a sense of femininity with pastels and sheer and/or light fabrics. The use of silks and velvets are very popular with a touch of glam using the likes of pearls, clams or crystal.

Eclectic Living Room Design

An eclectic style is a fusion of different design inspirations all bundled together cohesively. If you are looking for a living room design inspiration that evokes eclectism then choosing accessories and furnishing from different eras and styles is the way to go.

Mediterranean Living Room Design

Mediterranean focuses on geography that feature ornate furniture and mosaic designs that garner influences from the beauty of the sea.

Traditional Living Room Design

For a traditional living room design inspiration, we suggest that you keep things familiar and timeless, with classic furniture and furnishings coupled with colour palette that balances neutrals with warm hues.

Asian Living Room Design

With influences from China, Japan, Vietnam and Thailand, you are able to incorporate timeless pieces into your living room design with the use of bamboo, tatami and silks.

Transitional Living Room Design

If you are trying to find a happy medium between a traditional and contemporary design, transitional is the one for you.  The use of rounded furnishings coupled with clean lines with the idea that simplicity is key.

Old World Living Room Design

With an Old World design, you are looking for deep tones, dark stained wood paired with distressed textures, leather to name a few. If your home has archways and exposed beams, you can easily integrate this old world masculine touch to your living room.

Mid-century Modern Living Room Design

Mid-century modern is another style that epitomises simplicity with the help of mass-production furniture and furnishings. Open floor plans and expanse windows are focal elements that are complemented by the modern minimalist décor.

Cottage Living Room Design

Cottage living rooms are a notch above romantic styles with comfort playing the lead role. Pastels and botanical prints are popular with painted colourful hued but aged furniture.

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Home Bar and Bar Set Inspirations to Add Pizzazz to your Living Style

If you have a living room style thought out and settled, then it’s all about adding on your home bar to tie everything together. The style of your home bar or bar set should also reflect on the living style. We look at ways in which you can spice up and add pizzazz to your living style with the help of a home bar or bar sets.

If you’ve got the space, a countered bar space is a great addition to your living space, making it a focal feature that is ideal for entertaining your guests. If you love to host parties and entertain friends and loved ones, this would be the best choice for you.  All you need is some wall space and enough floor area to accommodate a bar counter to seat four bar stools. The bar counter in itself can either be built in, with concrete or brick, or topped off with tasteful granite or marble to really make it a statement piece. The wall can be open-shelved with rows of bottles that you have collected over the years and glassware hanging from their stems.

However, if space is limited, but you can spare a nook, then let us convert that empty space into a focal feature home bar setup sans the bar stools. Trick up a cabinet to house your spirits and glassware, install a wine fridge with some counter space to take care of the things like cutting up lime and garnishes. Also, don’t forget to put in some piping to accommodate a sink so that staying tidy is a breeze. Just because space is tight does not mean you need to scrap on being a great host.

Now, for those who love to move their parties to different areas of the home, putting to use a bar set or trolley is a great idea.  Whilst it’s great that it offers mobility, however, make sure that you find it a good home for the time you are not entertaining.

You can also make a stationery bar set, by using out-of-the-box furniture to make a talking piece for your home. Convert a vintage tv set into your drinks cabinet. If you are looking for something bigger, then why not convert an old armoire to be your “barmoire”.

With all these great home bar and bar set inspirations to choose from, yours will be the talk of the Party! Don’t forget to share yours when you do up yours in great taste!


Ironing and Laundry Room for your Home

One of the things about general Sri Lankan households is that, if you were to want a laundry room dedicate for all your laundry needs, complete with a washer and dryer, a lot of people may respond to you thinking you are mad! But, you aren’t at all, because there is something serene about wanting a space for everything, and if you are one of those people who does not want to double up kitchen as your laundry area or your bedroom as the ironing station, then having an ironing and laundry room for your home is completely reasonable. If you have the space to squeeze in an ironing and laundry room for your home, then go for it. Here are the basics!

The Washing Machine

In Sri Lanka, the most popular option of washing machines are of the top-loading variety. However, the tumble-drum, front-loading washing machines are an ideal option if you are opting to also invest in a dryer for when the monsoon seasons hit and drying outside in the hot sun isn’t a viable option. Furthermore, if you do have enough space to include a washing machine and a dryer side-by-side, then then you can opt to choose either way. However, if space is limited, then you can choose a front-loading washing machine that allows for stacking of a dryer and vice versa.


The Dryer

Now, a dryer isn’t a very popular option in Sri Lanka, due to its higher price point and of course, most people rely on the sun and means of keeping the electricity bill low. However, if you have your sights on a dryer, then you can opt to have it next to the washing machine, or stacked on top of the washing machine to maximise on space.


The Drying Rack or Drying Line

Of course, there is also the drying rack, line or foldable clothing shelves instead of a dryer machine.  There are many types and options, from the wooden framed clothing racks that can be folded and put away, and its plastic & aluminium counterpart. There are the retractable drying racks that can be fixed onto a wall in various configurations.


The Ironing Station

Of course, the last entity of doing laundry would be ironing and putting them away. Thus, the ironing station comes in. If you have an ironing board and iron, but you are using one of your rooms (be it the bedroom, kitchen or living) to do your ironing, then why not move it all into the intended space; Ironing and Laundry Room. You can have an allocated space for your ironing board (either to hang or as part of the solution) and even space to put away your iron. Here are some inspirations for your ironing and laundry room for your home.

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