Fun and Clever Storage Ideas and Inspirations

One of the things that make for a great space is having the space to store away clutter and keeping everything spic and span! How do you go about this, you ask? Why, by having some fun and clever storage ideas and inspirations in hand. We are more than happy to help you with it. Great means of storage space and ideas for your home, after all, means better organization and clarity in your day-to-day. Finding a place for everything is essentially organization 101, therefore, making use of closets, cupboards, cubbies and even empty spaces that do not have a purpose will make decluttering easier.

Kid’s Bedroom Dream

One of our favourite, fun and clever storage ideas and inspirations that we have come across would be this beautiful padded cupboard wall. It has such a touch of whimsy and colour that it will make a kid’s room shine!

Pantry of the Heavens

If you are looking for a fantastic way to organize your pantry, we have a solution! This beautiful pantry cupboard has cubbies of different sizes and shapes to accommodate your different pantry items which will make organizing your kitchen items a breeze. Ensuring that you have all your pantry items handy and accessible, makes for a happy home and cuts down your work time in the kitchen.



Mud Area Wonders

In Sri Lanka, mud rooms are not too popular, instead, the entry way becomes a mess of footwear! Whilst some opt for a shelving system or a cupboard to stow away the footwear, you can opt to do so with the likes of a walk-in closet area. This closet room will function as a place to put away your shoes and, bags, umbrellas and other items that you might need as you are about to run out the door. By using these fun and clever storage ideas, you can put together a mud area or room to suit all your needs!

Clever Benches

In any living space, there is always the problem of putting away the clutter once the fun is over and in a place that isn’t too tucked away. The likes of storage benches and ottomans come in handy. You can easily store away all your board games away with ease even when the boxes themselves have become quite frayed from all that use. With the help of these fun and clever storage ideas and inspirations, your living room can be the one of your dreams out of that interior design magazine!


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Doing up a Tropical Modern Interior Design Style in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s interior design aesthetic has progressively maintained a very localized but edgy theme in the last few decades, with the help of esteemed masters of designs imparting their vision for interior design style in Sri Lanka and leaving behind a plethora of interior design inspirations. One being the journey of tropical modern interior design in Sri Lanka which essentially infuses the locality’s abundance of tropical foliage with modern design trends, making for a cohesive, stunning yet simplistic interior design style aesthetic that could easily be yours!

A great way to embody the soul that is a tropical modern design is finding comfort and relaxation with minimalism and nature. Whilst your furniture can be a twist of modern pieces or traditional classics, the point to keep in mind would be, ensure that you do not clutter and you add your decorative elements using a plethora of indoor plants that brings the tropical living aesthetic full circle. Ideal choices for indoor plants include the likes of the spider plant, jade plant, snake plant (an ideal choice for vertical growth and easy for maintenance), grape ivy, Chinese evergreen, Norfolk island pine, fiddle leaf fig plant, money plant, peace lily, aloe vera, or oversized plants such as Monstera Deliciosa, palms or banana plants.

Oversized pots made with natural finishes or with minimalistic lines, can highlight the use of tropical plants in the indoors, the outdoor areas or flower beds, the use of shrubbery plants or ferns are ideal. The idea is to create a lush tropical oasis.

Another way of incorporating a tropical modern interior design style in Sri Lanka is with the help of open floor concept spaces and natural lighting with vision of the outdoor tropical greenery. The use of siding floor to ceiling windows can easily tie in nature with the indoors, and not only double your floor space aesthetic.

When decorating your tropical modern interior design space, focusing on natural elements is the way to go to tie into the green/eco-friendly landscape vision. The following are some principles to keep in mind when doing up a space with a tropical modern interior design style in Sri Lanka. 1) Balance the elements of clean lines and textures, 2) Contrast the elements for soft/hard looks that complement one another, 3) focus on simplicity when decorating the space, 4) attention to detail where it matters, especially with the tropical feel , and 5) open up the space with the smart building concepts.

Interior Design in Sri Lanka

Interior design in Sri Lanka is not a novel idea moving parallel with architecture. In actuality, there have been many great designers who have transformed the ethos of the world of interior design in Sri Lanka, with their unique styles and looks in transforming a home, hotel and even office.

If we were to go back to ancient history and look at the various kingdoms of Sri Lanka, you will note that there are distinctive styles and designs that shine through.  From the Anuradhapura kingdom though to the last, the Kingdom of Kandy, Sinhalese architecture and interior design flows through in the antiquities and artefacts from those eras. Furthermore, Sri Lankan designs were also greatly influenced by ancient North India and East Asia, along with the introduction of Buddhism into the country which was one of the biggest influencers in architecture and interior design in Sri Lanka.

The Bawa, both Bevis and Geoffrey Bawa were notable players in the world of architecture, landscaping and interior design. Geoffrey Bawa is known for his contribution to the Asian architectural and interior design scene, with notable works of art left behind such as Kandamalama, creating an ethos of tropical modernism interior design in Sri Lanka.

The type of interior design in Sri Lanka is also based on the architecture, but there are many home owners, hotels and offices that have fuse together a happy union between what is called traditional and modern interior design.

In Sri Lanka’s context of traditional interior design, you are likely to see more curved and round edges with wooden, stone or metal interiors from the moldings, furniture and accessories. Often, antiques such a Pettagama, Carved Divans with motif decals, Cane Planter’s Chairs, Burgomaster Chairs, Almira’s and Specimen Tables (displayed below) are greatly used to for interior design in Sri Lanka for the main purpose of decorative purpose. If you are looking at a colonial inspired structure, then adding similar traditional interior design aspects will bring the interior vibe together full-circle.

The same goes for trendy modern homes and offices, where you can expect more straight edges and corners, and similarly find yourself surrounded by furniture and accessories that complement the style aesthetic However, in recent times, it has become a trend to decorate the likes of a minimalist modern home or boutique hotel with such decorative furniture items to bring a sense of history and culture.


Interior Design Tips on How to Bring out the Best lighting

Lighting is a crucial factor when building a home, office or even a hotel. If you are able to utilize natural lighting with the likes of open spaces and skylights, then you are set for the daytime, saving electricity and often also quite convenient for the night-time. However, for places that have certain restrictions the following interior design tips will help you bring out the best lighting and how to put it to use well.  By considering the flow of space and the floor plan, and not to mention your interior ambience and the atmosphere, you will be able to decide the location and the choice of lighting based on use and purpose.

Put together a Lighting Plan

A lighting plan is the perfect way to decide on where you need to place lighting fixtures. This should be done with the help of a floor layout and overlaid with the positioning of your furniture based on the room’s purpose.

Include Functional Lighting

If you are looking to focus on specific things on your decorating plan such as picture frames, alcoves stairways then special mention should be made. Furthermore, you should also look into the scale of room and the type of light fitting you are hoping to include (a vision board helps in such cases),  the output from the light based on the size of the room, and not to mention the colour temperature. By planning ahead, you will be able to devise a budget in hand and be able to avoid last minute decisions that will bring on headaches.

Include Lighting Layers

Based on the room’s height, the use of layers in a lighting fixture can bring about an ambience that not only lights up the room at varying levels but also makes for a statement piece. Also, if you have yourself a room with less height, including a layered light fitting with two bulbs, will show through an aura of height.

Choose the Ideal Colour Temperature Bulb for the Setting

As we mentioned before, the colour temperature of the light bulb being used can transform a room and bring out the best lighting solutions. There are three types of colour temperature used for light bulbs that are measured by the unit known as Degrees Kelvin where the higher the Degrees Kelvin, the whiter the colour temperature will be. These include Soft White, Bright White also known as Cool White, and lastly Daylight which are 2700K-3000K, 3500K-4100K, and 5000K-6500K respectively. Whilst the whiter lights will appear brighter than the lower Degrees Kelvin bulbs, the Lumens which is the brightness measurement is not affected. The following interior design tips for choosing the best lighting bulbs will be helpful in deciding which rooms to place them in.

Furthermore, you can also consider the type of bulb you want to put into use based on how often you are using them, and which should be energy saving, LED, etc.


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