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Pyrography Interior Design

Pyrography also known as pyro gravure, is an art styling that uses natural elements such as wood and other natural materials that involves utilising a heated element to burn on designs. From burners, magnifiers and sunlight, to laser, pyrography can be used in a multitude of ways where it has gone from an artform being utilised in furniture. Pyrography interior design can be tasteful and unique as seen in the following pyrography interior design inspirations.

The above image courtesy of Modello Designs highlights the different artistry that can be infused into wood with the different burning/heat tools or laser painting and thereafter including colouring into this great example of pyrography interior design.

The following images showcase intricate designs that can be inscribed with burn marks to showcase art into everyday furniture items making them unique.

Be inspired by these beautiful designs to make your own come alive with sophisticated pyrography interior design elements.

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