Holiday Bungalow Restoration

Holiday Bungalow Restoration

The clients reached out to RM Perera to be part of their Holiday Bungalow Restoration. The One80 Furniture design team were in charge of this project (as are all residential and hospitality clientele).

The style of the bungalow reflected traditional essence and called for such traditional furniture, such as with Teak and Cane relaxing lounge chairs. The long passage and open-space surroundings were complimented by the rustic white washed doors and windows which were done by us, from design, construction and finishing.

Typical sri Lankan style cane and timber chairs were put together in a nook for reading and board games overlooking the pond. Traditional Sri Lankan four poster beds with carving details on each post where in included to give out the authentic feel and look.

This project, which carries a Walauwa-style features various traditional sitting areas, made using timber or cane, as well as timber-topped stairway steps, high wooden ceilings (in lattice work and solid), and quality bedroom furniture sets to match the four-poster beds and the overall home aesthetic.

July 13, 2016
Furniture One80 Collection
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