Citrus Waskaduwa

Citrus Waskaduwa

Citrus Waskaduwa is the flagship beach hotel of the Citrus Group, and they commissioned RM Perera to do up all their hotel rooms furniture in Ceylon Teak and Mahogany. These included classic 4 poster beds, built-in wardrobes, storage and luggage racks, built-in writing tables to form a set with the storage units to name a few.

The theme intended was a mismatched style with is very trendy! Thus, you will find many eclectic pieces such as the mismatched yet trendy seating area complemented by a sleek love seat and two contrast arm chairs.  Though these items are totally mismatched, and whilst the stain of the mahogany table does not match the stain of the teak legs of the chairs, there is a fusion of styles that make it eclectic. The chairs are also in alternate 2 different colours that may not seem to go along with the table, YET; the final look truly made the entire area look marvelous.

As you sit down at the privacy of of a Citrus Waskaduwa room and enjoy a cup of coffee, you can be assured our single chairs are ever-comfortable and the multimedia unit done by us quite sturdy.

RM Perera also did up the Presidential Suite, including the lounge, bar and dining.

The colours were chosen in a Citrus palette and can be seen throughout the furniture. The dual colour seating dining table to blend in with the citrus-y theme as does the the citrusy sofa unit for the lounge area.  The King Bed with a beautiful mahogany wall mounted bed head frame. We believe in practical interior solutions and one of the main features of the rooms are the movable single beds. These beds slide inward and outward along the back panel depending on the requirement of the guest.

We have also featured reading, writing, and media nooks for the discerning traveller who likes to relax.

July 13, 2016
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