Chaaya Blue

Chaaya Blue

Chaaya Blue commissioned all interiors works and furniture for rooms and public areas to RM Perera. The theme was a white color beach-y rustic furniture in a matt exposed grain effect finish. The furniture was made out of Ceylon Teak and was seasoned to suit the extremely warm climate

The lounge chairs to watch the sunset/sunrise as well as the chair designs at the beach restaurant  took a very simple yet chic look to match the theme of island life surroundings. Easy maintenance was also a key requirement for our client. The bar chairs feature a uniqueness where the upholstery fabric design was made with the back of a pair of jeans featuring the 2 pockets! Special suppliers were sourced for these bar chairs alone to create this unique look!

The Beach chalets also were minimalistic with white washed teak queen beds,  2 lounge chairs to compliment the minimalistic look. The upholstery yet again was done up with the denim effect.

We also supplied the perfect seating setup for the entrance area. This area opens out to the outdoors to gaze at the blue ocean,

The exterior rooms feature table tops done in teak, the the grooves in the timber top also stops the timber from cracking when the direct sunlight hits the item day in and day out.

The Main restaurant which features two buffet counters features high gloss timber and mirror effect to suit the glam at night with hanging disco balls kinda light fittings and column paneling.

July 13, 2016
One80 Collection
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