Asian Alliance Colombo 3 Offices

Asian Alliance Colombo 3 Offices

Asian Alliance consulted with RM Perera to do up the interior design and furnishing for all their 8 floors. The furnishing and interior concept design and execution including  partitioning, ceiling, furniture, carpeting, pantries and doors was handled by RM Perera’s Trendline Furniture Line team.

Some of the interior furnishing included the service dess which were glass-topped with aluminum lattice work panelling in front  and complemented by high-gloss white painted side panels for a modern corporate feel. The same lattice work continued as a separator feature and wall panels in the reception area (as seen in the gallery). The customer waiting area seating was done to give a casual and modern look with a formal finish. All workstations were carried to suit a monochrome theme, with black partitioning and high gloss painted white tables and drawers.

July 13, 2016
Trendline Collection
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